ECP RC Piles.

Capable of producing ECP Piles of sizes ranging from
125mm to 400mm.

Designed accordance with established standards and specifications to MS 1314 : 2004.

Introduction ECP RC Piles

Established in year 1988, Eng Beng Manufacturing started with trading of timber piles for the construction industry. Through the years, the company has diversified into the manufacture of pre-cast reinforced concrete piles (ECP Piles), and is presently amongst the established and reputable supplier in Malaysia.

Its factory is located in Klang, Selangor, which is capable of producing ECP Piles of sizes ranging from 125mm to 400mm. A Team of qualified and experienced personnel managed the daily activities; ensuring consistent quality ECP piles are produced.

In 1999, the company obtained the prestigious MS ISO 9001 Quality Management System awarded by SIRIM, further enhancing its commitment towards quality, In 2004, the company obtained the Product Certification Licence from SIRIM reinforcing the company's continuous efforts towards product quality improvements.

To this date, its top priority and supplying high quality
ECP Piles
in large quantities to meet and satisfy the demands and requirements of its customers.

Eng Beng Manufacturing is proud to be associated with numerous renowned buildings and infrastructure work in Malaysia whose foundations are attributed to ECP piles.

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Reliable and High Quality Piles are manufactured under stringent and controlled factory conditions.

Technical Assistance and after-sale services are offered at all times.

Ample stocks are kept to ensure prompt delivery.

A leading manufacturer of reinforced concrete square piles

An ISO Certified Quality Manufacturer.

Economy and Price Competitiveness.

Product Certified By

Ikran Ikran Ikran

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> ISO 9001:2008 <