ECP Spun Piles.

Capable of producing ECP High Strength Spun Piles of sizes ranging from diameters 250mm to 600mm.

Designed accordance with established standards and specifications to MS 1314:Part4:2004.

Introduction ECP Spun Piles

Established in year 1988, Eng Beng Manufacturing started with trading of timber piles for the construction industry. Throughout the years, Eng Beng has diversified into the manufacturing of Reinforce Concrete Pile (RC Piles) under the brand of “ECP Piles”. In the year of 2008, Eng Beng has enter to the new milestone to produce Pretensioned Spun Concrete piles (ECP Spun Piles) with the objective of offering an economical foundation system with consistent and superior quality compared to the ordinary concrete pile.

Its factory is located in Klang, Selangor, It is capable of producing sizes ranging from diameters 250mm to 1,000mm with standard lengths varying from 6m to 33m.

In 2009, the company obtained the prestigious MS ISO 9001 : 2008 Quality Management System & SIRIM Product Certificated awarded by SIRIM QAS International . To meet the JKR product standard, ECP Spun Piles also obtained the IKRAM product certificate from IKRAM QA Services for MS 1314:Part 4:2004, (Product Certification for Class A, B & C of Percast Pretensioned Spun Concrete Pile).

ECP Spun Piles have been used extensively as foundation piles for high-rise building, industrial buildings (warehousing and factory), bridges, marine structure (jetty, dolphins & docks), oil tank, power stations, school, and government project ect.

Since its founding, the company has been constantly striving for product excellence and enjoys good reputation from the local construction industry. The company currently also exports substantial quantities of its products to the oversea markets.

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High Strength and High Quality

High strength of concrete grade of ECP piles can improve the overall structural strength of piles, such as allowable axial load capacity, tensile capacity and bending capacity.

Increase Durability

The used of centrifugal force (spinning process) makes the concrete more dense; as a result, it increases the durability against corrosion.

Large Bending Moment Capacity

Using prestressing bar (PC bar) for the main reinforcements makes ECP Spun Piles take large bending moments compare to precast piles using steel bar.


Its light weight (Hollow Section) makes spun pile more economical for handling and transportation.


Suitable to all types of soils and pile driving equipments, such as: Jack-in and hydraulic hammer method makes it highly practical for pile driving purposes.
Segmented ECP Spun Piles are easily joined by welding. Being segmented with strong joints, shortage from predetermined pile lengths can easily be overcome by joining additional pile lengths as short as 6 meters.

Earlier Delivery Period

Steam curing process enables fasten production rate and delivery to project site.

Can be Customized to Suit Project Requirement

Strength concrete can be produce up to Grade 90 or/and based on customer specifications.

Product Certified By

Ikran Ikran Ikran

> Cert-IKRAM-SP 2014 <
> Cert-IQNET-SP <
> ISO 9001:2008 <